Grabbing [and removing] remote files

While SSH’d into a remote machine, I find that I need to grab a file to use it locally. But, I’m behind a firewall … and so is the server, which means I can’t scp the file to or from my machine. I resort to temporarily dropping the file on an intermediate machine accessible by both.

After doing this for a while I ended up with a lot of junk piled on the intermediate machine because I never clean up files after copying them to my lappie.

Using a recently discovered rsync option, --remove-source-files, I created an alias which does the cleanup for me:

alias grabrm='rsync --remove-source-files'

I now after copying the file to the intermediate machine:

remote_machine$ scp foo.txt intermediate:

I run the following command, which copies the file and removes it from the intermediate machine:

local_machine$ grabrm intermediate:foo.txt .


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