Getting email addresses from a Google Apps Group

I have a free Google Apps account and from the sounds of things it’s not possible to export email addresses from a free account. My solution is a bit manual, but got me out of a bind pretty quick for a < 100 member list.

First, go to the group within Google Apps in a browser that has a debug console [1]. In the console, run the following for each of the pages; it will simply print the email addresses in the console, which can then be copied and pasted. It’s a quick solution for a group with a limited number of members since Google Apps only shows 30 at a time.

tds=document.getElementsByTagName('td'); last=''; for(i=0; i -1 && inner.indexOf('<') < 0 && inner != last) { console.log(tds[i].innerHTML); last=inner; } }

In the help forum user xyb posted a python script that uses the Google Data API to print out the members of all groups. It might be worth going through the download and installation process of the python scripts if the number of members is large enough.


2 thoughts on “Getting email addresses from a Google Apps Group”

  1. Still on the hunt for this but xyb’s python script isn’t working with the latest changes to the admin console. Error’s back with “captcha required”.

    1. Hey there. Check out the Python script I wrote to dump addresses out of a Google Group:

      I should follow up this post with info about this script.

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